Faux Blinds from Home Remedies Etc.

Are breathtaking enhancements that can be made to any window. Lightweight and durable polymers make beautiful long lasting blinds that do not warp or yellow with age. Faux Blinds can be made to fit nearly any window. The micro materials and fibers used make cleaning these blinds simple and fast.Continue Reading →


 Wood Blinds from Home Remedies Etc. 

Are the all natural solution to beautiful window coverings. Affordable alternatives to shutters, wood blinds can be stained to match nearly any decor. Beautiful grain wood is selected for it’s ability to weather abuse.  

 Vertical Blinds by Home Remedies Etc.

Offer a light barrier that protects your home from harmful light and offer a unique natural lighting solution. Semi Opaque synthetic polymers permit sunlight to penetrate the materials. Special compounds in the material diffuse and illuminate the interior. Vertical blinds also make great coverings for sliding door was due to the sliding retractable ability.