Woven Wood Shades

Handcrafted from reeds, grasses and natural woods, woven wood shades bestow a unique natural beauty to your windows unlike any other type of window covering. Made from 100% organic materials, woven wood shades are environmentally friendly window treatments and completely recyclable. They add texture and dimension to sitting rooms, family rooms and bedrooms, without harming the environment.

Cellular shades are some of the most versatile window coverings available. These window coverings are sometimes referred to as pleated or honeycomb shades, and offer various degrees of light filtration and cordless options, making them safe for children and pets. These window coverings are built with small honeycomb-shaped pockets or ‘cells’ designed to keep air from either entering or escaping your home, and thick cellular fabrics that provide an insulating layer to help keep your room at an ideal temperature. And their durabillity  is ideal solution for homes with wide and large windows.

Solar Shades are among the most versatile window coverings available. Primarily, they serve as an excellent shield against solar heat. This helps keep your cooling costs down during the hot summer months. Aside from being energy-efficient, solar window shades significantly reduce glare produced by the sun, making them ideal solutions for TV rooms and studies, as you won’t have any difficulties viewing your computer monitor or television screen.